Bring your violin for a weekend!

Geigentog – Geigentage – Bring your violin for a weekend – Fine settimana violonistica – Jeu de violon en le week-end

Saturday, June 11, and Sunday, June 12, 2022
Neudorf bei Ilz, Styria, Austria

Making music together is one of the most precious feelings you can get – if you like music and if you like people.

46 years ago two exceptional violinists – Hermann Härtel and Rudi Pietsch – initiated a tradition that we proudly keep up. People playing string instruments get together for a weekend in June and simply have a good time by

  • making music together
  • singing in small (or bigger) groups
  • yodeling
  • teaching beginners – not only children – by supporting their efforts
  • dancing just for fun or more formally with the help of a dance master for folk dances
  • learning melodies from one another
  • trying to contribute to others